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Global leaders in pain research

Re-defining pain through patient-inspired R&D

Pain is a huge burden on society, impacting not only patients but their families, friends and colleagues. There has been limited success in discovering new pain treatments. Many conditions have no standard of care and in cases where they do exist, they have limited efficacy. We want to change this.

We want to re-define the field of pain, creating targeted treatments through patient-inspired R&D.
We aim to:
  • Better understand the disease state to identify new targets
  • Develop treatments with both symptomatic and disease-modifying potential
  • Broaden our research reach through partnerships and collaborations
  • Deepen the scientific communities understanding of pain as a disease
We will achieve our goals by bringing together patient experience, payors’ needs and innovation networks.

Pain Spectrum

Explore the PainSpectrum with our interactive Body map of almost 100 different pain conditions, developed in collaboration with expert academic centres.
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A different approach

We see pain as a disease, not a symptom

We understand pain is not just a symptom but also a broad range of conditions in itself that require targeted treatment. We know that pain is different for everyone and the experience and symptoms don’t just depend on the type of condition, but also the individual patient. By investigating the pathophysiology of pain and understanding pain we aim to find robust links between targets and disease, drive the development of innovative solutions that will have a truly meaningful impact on patient lives.