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We deliver tangible benefits to patients

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. When developing medicines, we work closely with all key stakeholders right from the start during the R&D process. Why? To ensure that we deliver the best solutions with the highest possible benefits for patients.

For us, innovation goes beyond drug development. Our innovation is built on expert knowledge of disease-pathophysiologies and truly understanding the patient's unmet need. These attributes are the driving force behind our new ideas and future therapies.

This is what we do

Our focus

The treatment of pain is our key focus. As a worldwide leader in pain for nearly 50 years, we are fully aware that patients in this area are still hugely underserved. Not only are we dedicated to providing solutions to relieve the symptoms of pain, but we are also transforming the field to solve pain. Through our own research and through drawing on external innovation and collaborations, we are redefining and shaping the future of pain management. Patient Days and Patient Summits allow us to listen to the patient perspective to better understand their experiences of living with a range of chronic pain conditions.

We have a deep understanding of the underlying disease and we are using that knowledge to explore disease modifying approaches.

Our capabilities

Through our fully integrated R&D capabilities and networked approach, we combine the best of two worlds:

  • We discover and develop New Chemical Entities (NCEs) in-house, using our own extensive experience and expertise
  • We search for and access external innovation and knowledge – and we are courageous in exploiting new paths. To access the vibrant biotech community in Boston, USA, for example, we have established an innovation hub in the area.

Drawing on our broad in-house capabilities across all aspects of R&D, we ensure that our medical solutions and innovations will be valued by the health authorities and make a real difference to the lives of patients.

Research collaborations

We are passionate about bringing true benefits to the lives of patients, so are continually looking for opportunities to innovate. We want to expand our R&D networks, access new assets and enrich our pipeline. ... Find out more about how we can work together to improve the lives of patients